Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kalloori - Movie

Kalloori is a brilliant example of perfect casting - Akhil, the girl who plays Kayalvizhi and the rest of the gang, and of course Tamanna, who’s ticket to fame till recently was being mistakenly identified online as the infamous bar girl Tarannum - the casting here simply steals the show. The milieu, dialogues and the narrative is achingly real, with Joshua Sridhar’s music working superbly in the background. The silent, untold romance between Akhil and Tamanna is handled with amazing maturity and intelligence - every stroke of directorial touch working big time in identifying and presenting the first signs of love oh-so beautifully. My predominantly city-led education wouldn’t have let me identify with the goings-on of a small town arts college, but the three years I’ve spent in Salem held me in good stead, in getting somewhat close. If director Balaji Shaktivel intended to give a rude jolt to his audiences through that unexpectedly harsh climax, he’s succeeded. It’s mighty sudden, though a tad too rude for a film that, for most parts, is hopeful. Like Kaadhal, Kalloori showcases accurately and with heartwarming flourishes, the uncluttered lives of a Tamilnadu we city dwellers have learned to leave behind and ignore.

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