Saturday, January 19, 2008

Audio Review - Sadhu Mirandaa ( Tamil )

FILM : Sadhu Mirandaa
CAST : Prasanna, Kavyaa

Neendhana Neendhana: Singers - Ranjith & Swetha
This song weaved magic around my ears. I liked the song right from the beginning. Melodious and has some peppy beats which will surely grab attention among youngsters. ( Pick of this album )
Rating: * * * *

Ramana Porandalum: Singers - Jassie Gift & Vineetha
The first time when i listened this song, i got irritated by the female voice. But the male voice and later the rap between the song grabed my attention. Trust me you won't like this song initially but i'm sure this song has something for the listeners.
Rating: * * *

Aagayam Kaanaamal: Singers - Srinivas & Jyothsna
Srinivasam & Jyothsna have given the best romantic song in this move. Deepak Dev's use of varigated tunes inbetween the songs is simply wonderful.
Rating: * * * *

Habibi Habibi: Singers - Vijay Yesudas
This song is below average. I don't want to comment anymore on this song.
Rating: *

Puyalodu Mothidum: Singers - Susith Suresan, Sayanora
This song is somewhat familiar to the song Erimalai Thaane from the movie " Kandanaal Mudhaal ". It has all the hard beats and sounds too loud.
Rating: * * *

Theme of Saadhu Mirandaa:
This theme gives a nice feeling of how this movie will turn out to be. No lyrics, but the title name of the movie is used in the entire song.
Rating: * * *

Who is this Deepak Dev??? Why wasn't he given a break long ago??? I'm sure some of these songs will become the best songs of 2008. He has used some peppy tunes like Harris Jayaraj, and he also used some hard metals like Yuvan. The songs are pleasing to hear.

Overall Rating: * * * 1/2

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