Saturday, January 19, 2008

Barrons- How good is it for cracking GRE???

Hello friends, i hope all MS aspirant guys know what Barrons mean. Others don't worry, I will give out the detail. Barrons is a book which students rely on to crack their GRE exam. When i had to take my exam, I got really confused on the number of books available in the market for GRE; I really didn't know what to buy until i met some of my seniors who are currently doing their Masters in US. Almost all of em suggested me to buy Barrons. Initially I was very much skeptical about it, but once I started taking my practice tests I was totally impressed by this simple but effective book. Barrons not only helped me in my vocabulary but it also got me good marks in my GRE.

Barrons consists of some 3500 words. One needs to learn all the words before attempting any practice test. It would take at least one month to master the entire book. So all my fellow MS aspirants, do read Barrons if you want good score in your GRE.

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