Saturday, January 19, 2008

Audio Review - Kaalai ( Tamil )

FILM : Kaalai
CAST : Simbu, Vedhika, Nila
DIRECTOR : Tarun Gopi

Kaalai Theme - Vanthutaanda Kaala: Singers - Silambarasan, Benny & Rahul Nambiyar
G.V.Prakash has used a lot of different styles in this theme song which lasts 3 and half minutes. This theme song is not that impressive but has some bits and pieces which might grab attention.
Rating:* *

Kaala Kaala: Singers - Mamtha Mohandaas & Benny
Mamtha Mohandaas has one of the most sweetest voices in the movie industry. This song has all the ingredients which an love song must have. Slow and some pace provided by Benny makes this song wonderful to hear.
Rating:* * * *

Gutkha Lakkadi: Singers - Lucky Ali and Sunidhi Chauwan
Nice song, which gives you some kind of energy and enables you to dance. The tune between the song ( ai machan ena paaru ) synchronizes well with the song. (Pick of this album)
Rating:* * * *

Kutti Pisaase: Singers - Silambarasan & Suchitra
Kuthu song made mostly for the B and C audience. This song doesn't have anything that is impressive.
Rating:* *

Veeramulla: Singers - Manikkavinayagam, Seergazhi & Others
Gramiya padal is the theme of this song. This song is created having the village folk in mind so it does not impress me much.

Eppo Nee:
Another melodious song of this album where the heroine sings this song for her lover. Man, I got fed up with all these usuals from all the Tamil movies these days.
Rating:* * *

Having much expectations from G.V.Prakash, he failed by providing songs which sound ordinary. On the whole i'm totally dissapointed with this album and won't recommend it to any other than those hardcore Simbu fans.

Overall Rating: * * *

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