Monday, November 26, 2007

Showviz - Audio Review ( Hindi )

Tu mujhse and Mere Falak are extremely breezy and entertaining, thanks largely to KK’s spritely rendition and some pleasant backgrounds by Lalit. Kash ek din reminds me of Nadeem Shravan’s heydays and is sufficiently and predictably enjoyable. But the soundtrack comes to a crashing halt with Duniya ne, shamelessly ripped off from Sanjeev Darshan’s Deewana deewana from Rishhey (2002). Funny fact: Sanjeev Darshan ripped it off Amr Diab’s Albi Ikhtarak. With that settled, I’m not sure who I should attribute the first three tracks! Lalit Pandit carries on Jatin Lalit’s tradition of making very listenable tunes and pilfering others’ music.

Halla Bol - Audio Review ( Hindi )

Jab tak aims to be a rousing anthem, but despite the impressive sounds Sukhwinder packs in the track, its middling at best, but the composer/ singer impresses with the serene Shabad Gurbani, rendered with the requisite austerity. Sneha Pant’s Barsan lagi has an interesting enough structure even as Harshdeep’s Is pal is the catchiest and swankiest of this soundtrack, with an appealing orchestration to boot, while guest composer, veteran Vanraj Bhatia’s More haji piya is barely passable. Sukhwinder Singh continues to search for his moorings as a composer and it’s strange that Rajkumar Santoshi found him adequate for his script!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Search for Project

I am in the final semester of my under-graduation, and its a must for us to do our final year project. I and my friends were searching for companies who could give us a nice project. It took us nearly 3 weeks to find one. The search was over, TAFE Pvt Ltd got interested with our resume and immediately gave us the green signal to do our project in their R&D. Getting a project in R&D is very tough these days, and I'm proud to be a part of the R&D team in TAFE.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jab We Met - The Fantastic Movie Ever

Think DDLJ 2.0! Jab we met gains immensely from Shahid and Kareena’s endearing and honest performances. There are the usual leaps of imagination - the shortcuts that work brilliantly for Shahid to turn his life around, but even those gel well within an earnest screenplay conjured superbly by the director. Pritam’s music and the choreography add phenomenal spunk to the proceedings while Kareena’s family - despite their limited screen time, are far more enjoyable than the average Chopra-styled extended khandan, particularly Dara Singh! Post his excellent debut, Imtiaz Ali learns his commercial lessons and gets the formula right, big time!

Kareena and Shahid simply rock in this movie....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome - Audio Review ( Hindi )

Anand Raaj Anand crafts his n’th noisy mishmash in Hoth rasiley but redeems some brownie points singing and composing the dancy and rhythmic Uncha lamba and Tera sarafa, despite working on some extremely predictable material. Himesh and his truly nasal best in the utterly mundane Kola laka (!). He also manages to up the ante further with the shrieky and immensely annoying Insha allah. Sajid Wajid try their Partner sound - again, rather unsuccessfully in the insipid title track. Welcome’s OST is typical, pointless, mainstream noise from Bollywood – hardly serves any purpose and piggybacks solely on glitzy and starry picturization.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Billa - Audio Review ( Tamil )

The title song and Vethalaya’s remixes take a leaf from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s techno update for the original, Hindi Don’s remake. But both the tracks are surprisingly jarring with a nauseatingly overdone sound. Seval kodi too is strangely indifferent with a stock tune and stale rhythms, while the theme music is pretty assembly-line. Thankfully Yuvan’s innovation comes to the fore with Naan mattum and Sei - a set of experimental, but groovy tracks, complete with exotic interludes and orchestration. Given Vishnuvaradhan’s past success with Yuvan’s music (Arindhum ariyaamalum & Pattiyal), it’s surprising that a large part of Billa’s music is rather mediocre.