Monday, November 26, 2007

Showviz - Audio Review ( Hindi )

Tu mujhse and Mere Falak are extremely breezy and entertaining, thanks largely to KK’s spritely rendition and some pleasant backgrounds by Lalit. Kash ek din reminds me of Nadeem Shravan’s heydays and is sufficiently and predictably enjoyable. But the soundtrack comes to a crashing halt with Duniya ne, shamelessly ripped off from Sanjeev Darshan’s Deewana deewana from Rishhey (2002). Funny fact: Sanjeev Darshan ripped it off Amr Diab’s Albi Ikhtarak. With that settled, I’m not sure who I should attribute the first three tracks! Lalit Pandit carries on Jatin Lalit’s tradition of making very listenable tunes and pilfering others’ music.

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