Monday, January 21, 2008

Boat Tragedy at Queensland

On Jan 16, two boats collided in Queensland Amusement Park head on. All but a 11 year old girl was rescued. Also during the new year eve, the set up stage in Savera Hotel broke apart which led to three death. Why are the people in Chennai are not giving importance to safety measures which is a must for all.

By safety measures I don't mean merely making sure that there are a maximum x number of people per boat . Even if one were to suspect that the boat was over crowded, or that the boats collided because one or the other boatman made an error of judgment, it is galling to think that first aid was not rendered in time. Parents too could think of giving a crowded boat a miss and waiting their turn for the next boat.( Yes, I know that might mean a delay of a hour or more.)
What could be the cause for such mishaps--lack of training? Awareness? Sheer impatience?
Whatever it is, so far this year has begun tragically. Hopefully, health and safety measures will take the prime spot it deserves among entities.

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