Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crack Gre

GRE is must for those who want to pursue their higher studies in US. Many Indians score really well in this exam. GRE tests your vocabulary, problem solving, and reasoning. I will give you some tips on how to crack this important exam.

Start your preparation 6 months before your exam. These six months are very crucial and they decide your score on the d-day.


  1. Barrons ( Learn all the 3500 odd words )
  2. Take loads and loads of tests on verbal section
  1. Its the most easy part of em all. If you are strong in fundamentals, then you won't face any problem in this section.
  2. Take a look into all the mathematical formulas you know.
  1. Try to read 1 book every day. This will help you in your writing skills.
It took me 180 days to get fully prepared for my GRE. On the d-day, I was confidant and scored well. In verbal i got 560 and in quants 760. Hope you guys do the same and get good results.

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