Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get Paid To Blog via Smorty

People the world over blog to share information and knowledge. And I being a blogger also write all sorts of information in my blog. But one day, my friend told me that I can make money by blogging through smorty. Smorty connects the advertisers with bloggers. We get paid to blog about the advertiser’s site with links back. That is you get paid for blogging about the advertisers through smorty. Smorty pays for the post you write for the advertisers. All you have to do is create a decent blog which has articles spanning over three to six months. And later you can sign up in smorty. Once your blog gets approved you can get money via blog advertising. So if you have a blog, then don’t waste time, immediately join smorty to blog for money. Do not lose this wonderful opportunity. Smorty helps the bloggers by linking them up with advertisers. So sign up for smorty immediately and make the most of it right now.

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