Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Spore Game - my first thought

I always have been dreaming about how life evolved, how such complex organisms could ever be formed from a tiny singular organism. I went through many books and got totally hooked up with this topic over a month. The creation of life, earth, space, the whole universe fascinated me. During my thirst quenching search of the universe I came across a game which is yet to be released called SPORE. At first sight the graphics of the game didn't impress me much, but once when I read the preview of the game; I got glued to this game and I'm waiting for its shipment.
In SPORE game we play the role of "Unknown" who creates the world right from single celled organism to complex ones and later becomes a space explorer in search of new technology and organisms. The game doesn't boast its graphics but the gameplay is simply terrific. This game is releasing during Q2 of 2008. Lets hope the game satisfies our expectation.

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