Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves - Audio Review ( Hindi )

After Darling, here’s another instance where Himesh Reshammiya overshadows Pritam with just one track. Himesh’s Tum mile is no great shakes actually - a hum-along’ish track thankfully sung by KK and not by the composer himself. But it just steamrolls over the substandard fare dished out by Pritam - two annoying Sunidhi tracks (Tere bina and Ya baba) and an average Pancham’esque attempt in Jaane maula, just saved by Amit Kumar’s raucous rendition. Sachin and Jigar’s other track, the poignant, well-scored and well-sung (by KK) Allah Beli is considerably better too. Overall a middling soundtrack…not that I expected anything more!

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