Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kanna - Audio Review ( Tamil )

Kuyil paadum cleverly apes Sting’s Englishman in Newyork within its structure, and is reminiscent of Roja’s Chinna chinna aasai while Thullum thullalil works due to its inventive, calypso-tinged package. Ragasiya kanna, despite shades of a familiar and pleasant raga, is pretty disjoint, much like Sembaruthi, another mishmash with pointlessly loud rhythms. Hariharan’s Aayiram kelvigal is glum and deviates into disparate Paki rock too, while Azhagiya penne, thankfully, brings the spunk back into the soundtrack with its groovy tune and orchestration combo, typical of Ranjit’s vibrant and eclectic experimentation. After surprisingly good work in Urchagam, Ranjit Barot disappoints in Kanna’s music!

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