Friday, March 14, 2008

Animal Parts On Chinese Auction Website

Illegal Animal Parts

In China the illegal wildlife trading is very common. Recently, the authorities have tried hard to fight against this illegal commerce. This market is well-spreaded on the internet where you can find multiple auction sites that sell parts of endangered animals. A recent report showed that in Borneo were sold tiger parts and there were photos to prove that.

A study made by International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2007, who took 10 months to be completed, uncovered about 1,900 illegal items from 30 species. Those were all found on web auction sites from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is very hard to find these auction sites because the is not much support from web companies which should are not very interested to improve their filtering systems.

The most popular items on China’s illegal market are the elephant ivory and the bones of the tiger - the ivory represents a souvenir for collectors and the tiger bones are used in traditional medicine. It is very hard to track down the auction web sites because of the many characters of the Chinese language - you can form many words for ivory with minor changes from the original word.

I think that every person who cares a little about the other species that live in our world is against this online trading. Also, we should wake up and realize that every animal is important for our planet.

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