Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rameswaram - Audio Review ( Tamil )

Naan tharai nila is refreshingly fresh and pleasing, accentuated well by Svetha Mohan’s vocals and some scintillating violin pieces. Alaigalin osaigal ups the ante even further - one brilliant package of lovely lyrics, neat voices and excellent backgrounds. Ranjith and Chinmayee’s Edho senjapulla plays out like vintage Rahman and has addictive chorus phrases. Ellorayum yethipoga conveys the angst and hopes of refugees in a fairly interesting folksy tune while in Netrirunthom OS Arun tries to do a MS Viswanathan (a la Vidai kodu engal naade) with terrible results. After a lackluster debut in Kalaaba Kaadhalan, Niru’s music has evolved exceedingly well.

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